30 Ways to Save Money

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t like to save money? Nope! So here are some tips that will help each and everyone.

  1. Find the cheapest groceries
  2. Talk for less – Bargain
  3. Learn to love the brown bag – Don’t pay for plastic
  4. Cool down to save cash – Save electricity bill by turning off water heater
  5. Swap your ingredients – buy the cheaper options
  6. Don’t have lavish outings. There are other things that are equally fun.
  7. Save time and money when shopping online
  8. Watch out when you’re buying in bulk
  9. Stockpile sale items
  10. Need a doctor? Find free and low-cost clinics
  11. Lower your health insurance costs
  12. Get paid to shop – Cashback websites are awesome!
  13. Pay less at the pump
  14. Reduce home heating costs
  15. Go green to save green
  16. Check your mortgage
  17. Shop from your pantry
  18. Take shorter showers
  19. Download coupons – we are always here to help.
  20. Make your own cleaners
  21. Try trading
  22. Watch for in-store coupons
  23. Organize on the cheap
  24. Banish late fees—forever
  25. Make dryer sheets do double duty
  26. Spay or neuter your pet for less
  27. Have a blast with your kids—for free
  28. Look in stores, borrow for free
  29. Update old clothes
  30. Check your auto insurance


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